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"Revealing… intriguing… insightful... provocative."The Sex Connection Bookcover

The Sex Connection
What you don’t know about sex will shock you!

“It suggests that sex is predominantly a mental experience more than a physical one.”

“There is a definite connection—the sex connection — between what a person does sexually and their mental troubles.”

“Behind every bizarre state of mind is a bizarre sex act.”

The complete psychological teachings of Richard Rose are presented for the first time in book form. Author Alan Fitzpatrick, who worked closely with Rose over a period of more than twenty years, has carefully researched and quoted Rose as well as a multitude of other sources on the subject of sexuality and its impact on our behavior, our thinking and our spiritual and philosophic pursuits. No stone is left unturned by the author who has carefully brought to light the unpublished writings of Richard Rose, also including numerous case studies to reveal the inner sanctum of human sexuality from the natural to the bizarre.

The Sex Connection, A Study of Desire, Seduction and Compulsion, by Alan Fitzpatrick,
Publ. by Rose Publications, 371 pages, paperback, $19.95, ISBN 9780977614714.


The Sex Connection BookcoverIntroduction to Rose Psychology Volume One:
An Interview with Alan Fitzpatrick

This 60 minute interview with Alan Fitzpatrick, author of The Sex Connection and student of Richard Rose, is a comprehensive, introductory discussion of Richard Rose’s psychological teachings. Fitzpatrick covers topics on Rose’s psychology such as the connection between sex and the mind, the search for peace of mind and mental clarity, and a practical therapy that works for any individual.

Single volume disc, $19.95

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Peace Of Mind: Success Without Regret Now Available for Digital Download!

Richard Rose: Peace of Mind: Success Without Regret has partnered with CD Baby to bring you this lecture as a direct download to your computer.

On this audio lecture Richard Rose discusses mental experiences and the formula for finding success on the spiritual path. His diagram of energy transmutation is discussed along with other stories and examples of finding Truth in spite of the rat race struggle for success.

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Richard Rose wrote several books and gave many lectures over a period of thirty years.
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