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The Sex ConnectionRichard Rose
Philosophic Teacher

Richard Rose was a uniquely great American spiritual teacher of the latter half of the twentieth century. His no-nonsense common sense approach to esoteric philosophy set him apart from all contemporaries of his time.

Years of intense personal search culminated in an enlightenment experience at the age of thirty, which Rose later called “becoming one with Everything and Nothing,” or an experience of the “Absolute.” His subsequent esoteric teachings, embodied in what he called “The Albigen system,” laid out a practical ways and means of searching for Ultimate self-definition. Rather than assuming what Truth is, Rose advocated backing into Truth by negating or subtracting that which is found to be untruth, through an introspective psychological method he called “Zen psychoanalysis.”

Introduction to Rose Psychology DVDShunning dogma, ritual, concept-building, unproven belief and postulation about Enlightenment, Rose advised a spiritual search that attacks the mind in order to prove whether there is a soul or God within, all the while casting aside that which is found to be patently absurd, foolish and false. 

By the same method, Rose advocated that a person could use “The Albigen system” to search for mental clarity and peace of mind by removing that which is found to be the source of one’s mental troubles, thereby resulting in a cure that is called “Rose psychology.”

Richard Rose wrote several books and gave many lectures over a period of thirty years.
A selection of these various works can be viewed at the Richard Rose Teachings site.


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